You can certainly participate as a solo rider. There are no extra charges. You will sleep in a tent that is supplied and set up by us. On arrival and at hte finish day you will sleep in a room based on two or three people. So you will share your room with another solo rider. During the different stages you’re bound to ride with at least two people. In case of emergency your co-driver can contact the organization for technical or medical assistance. Each participant uses his own Garmin GPS device. aswell as a SPOT Tracking system ( you need to order before te start) Both should always be charged at the start.

For Morocco you need a valid passport (international passport) 

There is a very good chance that you will have to be fully vaccinated (against covid 19) to enter Morocco to participate in a major international event.

Currently applies: ( September 2022 )

Bring your vaccination certificate (fully vaccinated =  3 doses, or 2 doses if the second vaccination was not more than 4 months ago. For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the vaccination certificate is valid for 2 doses or for 1 dose no more than 4 months ago ) OR if you have no or insufficient vaccinations, a printout of negative PCR test that was taken no more than 72h before departure.

Especially for our group Brussels Airlines will accept one piece of luggage up to 20 kg / person and one piece of hand baggage up to 6 kg / person.

We would urge each participant to limit his/her luggage as much as possible. 

During the trip almost every day we need to load and unload all the luggage. It is no fun to lug away 300 bags of +20 kg daily. Be sure not use a  hard case or a trolley with wheels along. These could get broken by stacking in the truck. The best is to bring a flexible sports bag. These are light and easy to handle.

Because the tents are not intended to store your luggage, it is recommended that you bring a plastic protective cover with you so that your luggage remains dry if it rains at night or during the day. It is even easier to choose a waterproof sports bag.

Always ask yourself if what you pack is really necessary. Invest in lightweight, compact camping gear. The more compact, the more expensive. However, it’s best not to save too much money on this, as a good night’s sleep is imperative when you’re testing your stamina and making great physical efforts. It is important to pack correctly and logically. Know where you put everything.

Every year we see participants dragging their excessively heavy luggage for a week.

Stick to the bare essentials. You’re only 9 days away from home and you spend most of the time on your bike. Therefore you rather invest in some extra bike apperal.

  • If needed 1 LONG THIN PANTS
  • CYCLING SHOES (+ possibly additional plates)
  • SLIPPERS (for the bivouac and for the shower)
  • COMB



If you take a cancellation insurance, in many cases you may recover all the money you’ve already invested. (See cancellation conditions of your insurance) If you have no insurance and you’re not able to participate any more than you can eventually move your participation to the next edition in consultation with jowi travel or look for someone who would like to replace you. The latter can be arranged up to 8 weeks prior to departure and is accompanied by 800€ + 300€ administrative costs. You should always contact the organization or the travel agency.

We can transport your bike to and from Morocco if you have opted for the all-in package. Because more than 270 bicycles have to be transported, the loading space of the trucks must be used optimally. The transport boxes must therefore all be of the same size to simplify stacking and minimize the risk of damage. Every participant is therefore obliged to pack his bicycle in a cardboard bicycle box. You can contact us or your local bicycle dealer for this. (dim.: 146cmx83cmx21cm)

All bicycles are collected at a predetermined location in Belgium one week before departure. Bicycle boxes that are ordered from us via the personal online file will be delivered on the information day ( 31/7) or will be ready at the place where the bicycles must be handed in 1 week before departure.

Be sure to check out the video in which we explain in several steps how to pack your bicycle.


The trucks will be on the road for approximately 7 days.

The bicycles must also be packed in the same bicycle box for the return journey.

During the event, all bicycle boxes are folded and stored in our trucks.


On site, only bicycles will be transported by us in the event of irreparable technical damage or if you as a participant are seriously injured and cannot continue driving.

You can also take your bike on the plane. Places are limited to 10 bikes per plane. Please send us an email ( info@rocdumaroc.com) if you want to reserve a place on the plane for your bike!


We have our own power generator. This allows us to work completely autonomously so we do not have to rely on the unstable electricity network of Togo and Benin. “La coupure” is here is of daily occurrence.
There will be enough power plugs in our bivouacs so everyone can recharge regularly their GPS or mobile phone.

You don’t need a lot of money on the way. All the meals, water, energy and recovery drinks, fruit, cakes and accommodations are included. Cola, Fanta and beer can be purchased at the bivouac or at the hotel where we stay. This can only pay with euros. If you would like to buy a local drink or a nice souvenir than just bring some extra bucks along. On day 1 you can exchange up to 50 euros per person with us.  

Since the challenge is mainly set in the desert of Morocco, it is difficult to find souvenirs along the way. Upon arrival in Ourazazate you can find some shops but don’t expect too much from them. The supply is also very limited at Errachidia airport.

On day 1, everyone can buy a local SIM card + credit from us. With this card you can call and surf. It is best that you provide an extra smartphone per team. You can then use this as a hotspot. Free wifi is available in the hotels where we stay. However, this is often overloaded when everyone is checking their social media or emails. Patience is needed anyway if you want to post or share something.

Wcup has been our partner for more than 10 years. They supply all energy drinks during and after each stage.

The following products are available on the various CPs:

  • energy drinks.
  • sweet cakes
  • sweets
  • nuts
  • water
  • fruit
  • ors (where necessary)

After each stage we provide Wcup recovery drink or Thrive recovery beer ( 0.3%)

What we do not provide:

  • Energy drink at the start
  • energy bars or gels
  • ORS at will

It is best that you provide about 15 extra energy bars yourself. If you still get a dip between 2 CP’s or you have to wait a long time due to a technical breakdown.

We mainly sleep in bivouacs. A tent camp (1 pop up tent per person) with its own catering and shower facility. These are set up in the most unique and often remote locations. The utilities are not always up to our European standards. Of course the adventure factor remains important and it is inevitable that in remote locations we sometimes have to sacrifice comfort.

The tents we offer are “water resistant”, breathable and meet all modern standards of a good outdoor pop up tent. ( Decathlon) Each participant has his/her own tent. Couples sleep together as we provide double tents for them. We provide a mattress for each participant. You only provide a mattress cover.

The hotel on arrival and on departure is comfortable with a typical Moroccan character (1001 nights). In both hotels everyone sleeps in 2-3-4 or 5 person rooms.