In 1986, Raymound Vanstraelen founded Bioracer with a clear purpose to measure and study the athlete in motion in order to optimize cycling performance. While our business has grown from Raymond’s home to factories, research facilities and offices on three continents, our mission remains steadfast and signifies the meaning of our name and the heart of our promise to make you faster.

We are a company of riders and racers, designers and innovators, craftspeople and seamstresses. We engineer apparel and test it in ourProtolab for its ability to battle cold and regulate heat. We analyze the cyclist in motion to ensure fabric, design and construction deliver anatomic fit with optimal comfort. We monitor wind-tunnel data and real-world racing to discover new ways to cheat the wind.

But mostly, we find truth on the climbs, in the mud, in the crosswinds, over the cobbles and in every meter of riding from the start line to the finish line. Learning from thousands of racers and races; thousands of medals and podiums, and thousands of club, Olympic and World Championship races. With over a hundred years of Belgium cycling history woven into every stitch and every pattern, it is our mission and honor to make you faster. And bring the same performance products worn by the best athletes in the world to every cyclist, every day.

Niner Bikes:

Making off road bikes is their one and only love, their heart and soul out there on the trail or the road less traveled. They are 100% committed to impeccable designs & exquisite ride quality. It’s a dedication they want to share with you on every ride.

Ednine E-bikes

In 2010 Engineer Edwin Van De Weghe came up with a challenging concept : to develop a fast, lightweight and agile ATB for the typical flatland off-road tracks.

The result was an unconventional frame geometry with the top speed of a 29r but with the agility and playfulness of a 26r. The first Ednine frame was officially launched in 2012. The first generation frame was already compatible to all kinds of wheelsets at that time (130/135mm), so it could be geared-up with lightweight racing wheels with off-road 29r tires, to make it accelerate even faster.

Today’s all frames are even compatible with thru-axle (135x12mm and 142x12mm). On top of this all the frames are compatible with both disc and V-brake systems so it can adapt to all harsh, dirty, muddy and sandy conditions. Not only the geometry but also the materials used to construct Ednine frames are rather unique. Ednine frames are fully constructed with high tensile Japanese carbon fibers (Mitsubishi TR50 and Nano carbon CNFs). These fibers allow to create a reliable lightweight construction with a perfect balance of torsional stiffness and comfort.


Sportdrinks, Energy Bars, Recuperation and food supplements.




BLIZ very quickly makes its way into the market as a technically advanced eyewear brand for the most demanding sports and this at …. unparalleled strong pricing. BLIZ glasses are both stylish and functional. Typical of the Scandinavian eyewear design, the ‘clean’ look is combined with a well-thought-out, technical function.

BLIZ is not just another eyewear brand , on the contrary ….

BLIZ sports glasses are absolutely unbreakable, they have a good fit and are very light. Glasses in numerous colors and with many functions guarantee optimum vision in all weather conditions.

Top glasses for a top price!



Thrive Recovery IPA is a functional beer that promotes physical recovery after sports.
This functionality is what makes Thrive truly unique and is achieved through an optimal mix of carbs, protein and the lack of alcohol.

Developed by scientists.
We developed Thrive with the Leuven Institute For Beer Research (LIBR) which is a collaboration between the University of Leuven and the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology. LIBR is located in beer country Belgium and is at the forefront of innovation in the beer sector. As such it was the ideal partner to help develop our patented sports recovery beer.



After more than 20 years of working in the tourism sector Willy Ramharter decided to take matters into his own hands and he opened his own travel agency in 1989 with great passion. He traveled around the world to learn as much as possible. In 1996 his daughter Kristl graduated from college. She had the same passion about travelling and started to work in her father’s travel agency. They got along very well and both benefit the agency with heart, soul and passion for travel.
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