Thanks again for this great experience!

Thanks for the great organization. A fantastic experience. Incredibly cool.

Thank you for a fantastic adventure 😉

I really enjoyed it!

Super trip! Top organization thanks
of a high level, congratulations!

keep on going. Your routes are always beautiful!

RDM was a fantastic experience. actually a bit too heavy for me. Fantastic and super friendly crew. Unforgettable landscapes have made it an adventure for me that I will carry with me all my life.
thanks to Elisabeth, Gert and the whole crew.

Your organization is great!

You have an organization to be proud of and I certainly cannot imagine a better one.  I am very proud that I made it.
Thank you for the great organization and support.

Overall rating a 9. I ENJOYED it and it was a SUPER challenge !! Thank you for the great organization and every effort.

Achieving this level as the first edition is simply incredible!  Good luck with this event and hopefully you will come up with a new challenge.

Really very well organized!
Keep it up!


It was tough, but doable.

The stages were beautiful and in terms of distance in perfect balance. They stages could have been a bit longer for me and more climbing meters. But I thought they were nicely balanced because you were at the camp on time to have a nice beer.

I really enjoyed the distances and nice variation in the landscape.

Not super technical but beautiful landscapes

Purely joy, I thought it was a bit too heavy. It was a real challenge.

Keep the 147 km ride through the desert, everyone still talks about it!

I would not, or hardly, work on this, this was exactly what I expected.  Perfect build-up of the week, long ride followed by slightly shorter, and then the extra long flat ride, and a relaxed final ride. Perfect!

We were lucky that it was cloudy now and then. I think if that was not the case it would be to heavy.

All beautiful and varied stages for me.

As a self-employed person, it is not always easy to prepare yourself for such a challenge. I was well prepared but it was not enough for such a challenge. my weight (100 kg) has often troubled me when climbing. nevertheless I have kicked every meter of the RDM myself and I am proud of that.

It’s feasible for everyone if you prepare yourself well.

Phenomenal challenge.

seen very beautiful landscapes

Top race!