Of course, we can not leave RocDuMaroc’s feedback here, therefore, some comments from participants of Togo Jungle Challenge. (2012 – 2015)

2015 W. Vandenbroucke (BE) Special thanks to the crew: excellent job done. Top organization! Brilliant experience. Thank you TJC for everything: the experience, the organization, and the company. TOP !!!!!!!

2015 R. Haesevoets “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”: this is true for TJC! It was a fantastic experience organized by a great team. Thanks for everything!

2015 Vincent Rius Thanks to everyone who made this unforgettable adventure possible. The best way to get to know a continent.

2015 K. Willems (BE) This was such a MAGNIFICENT and truly AMAZING experience !! Anyone who wants to see the “real” Africa, combined with a great cycling adventure: only one address …! Many thanks for the outstanding organization !!

2015 B. Hermann (Germany) Epic ride, great organization, fun riders! Huge thanks to everyone for making this an amazing experience … And for translating bits and bobs into English. I’m honored to be part of your first truly international team to enter the TJC and can only recommend it to anyone considering it. You guys rock! Thumbs up 😉!

2015 W. Bruynseels In the name of all Sjotbikers, I can only confirm all the comments above. This was just a great experience that we will never forget. It was TOP. And as for your crew. It’s just sublime. Thank you for being there.

2014 F.Prudhomme, BE I would like to take this opportunity again to thank you for this unforgettable adventure, burned in my memory and heart for the rest of my life. It was undoubtedly the most memorable trip I’ve experienced up to now, despite the fact that I have travelled a lot in many countries. The combination of adventure, physical challenge, contact with local people, beautiful scenery, mountain biking in itself and the interaction with the super organization that you can be very proud of, made it a “trip of a lifetime”.

Gert was talking about a life changing experience during the preparation weekend and afterwards, I didn’t really understand what he meant with that. Now I do! Since my return I often think of the Togo Jungle Challenge and images of what I’ve seen come and stay in my mind constantly. Adapting to daily life here is even more difficult than anticipated …. The experiences that I gained over there make me question a couple of things about the reason or purpose of certain life decisions here. work, money, materialism, luxury, comfort …. all of this suddenly seems less important.

After the 115km ride with most altimeters, I had told Gert that this was one of the most beautiful days of my life. I had a number of goals I achieved. Of course, if everything happens, as it was the case for me (condition was good, no physical discomfort except saddle pains, no material joke, no heavy crashes, no climatic conditions, …) you only see the positive, and that’s what happens. But in any way, I can look back on an adventure that lets me just shoot superlatives and everyone around me will know. Thanks again for your dedication, and especially for the wonderful gift you gave me throughout this whole adventure!

2014 J.Maas, BE It was a fantastic trip, sporty, culture, nature and of course all the cool people you get to know here !! Thank you again for making this possible !!!!

2014, D.Reynders, BE You have given us a huge adventure, every day again! I’m still having enjoying the feeling. This is recommended for every mtb.

2014 W.Koeleman, NL Without you, this would never have been possible. You have made it possible for us to have received this special experience.

Praise for the way it is organized and praise for the way in which you are able to leave a large group of people in Africa in a country where you can not afford any local coincidence. And great to see that you can keep calm and thus show control in situations that are sometimes annoying and sometimes even precarious.

Thanks for these unforgettable days !!!

2014 E.Prijden, NL Thanks again for the beautiful adventure and the opportunity to see a special piece of Africa. Without the great organization, it would not have been possible. Chapeau!

2014 J. Van Grinsven, BE Along this way, I would like to take another opportunity to thank you once more for the opportunity you gave me to make this adventure with big A. I really lived towards this throughout the yea, and the people around me know this very well! They know what this means for me. Thank you!

2014 P.Deganck, BE Another big thank you from opi, and I’m sure you’ll be back to TJC 2015’s show. Also, I’ve fully enjoyed (and occasionally suffered) during this unique event. Overall, I think you organized this event very well. Certainly, if you observe the available facilities and methods on site. You have shown good preparation and a professional approach. Your attitude towards everyone is spontaneous, honest, and always correct which is not always evident in such an event with so many participants with different characters. You all gave us an adventure that we will carry for a long time and will radiate to our friends and acquaintances. Partly as a result, the overall atmosphere in the group remained so enjoyable until the last day.

2014 Gurkan, TR And also thank you for the whole organization. At the beginning it was a biking experience in Africa for me. Now it became a real Africa experience that no one can have, as a tourist with a car. I really appreciate your hard working there.

2014 D.Rosseel, BE With this I would like to thank you again for the wonderful adventure we have experienced. This will certainly live within me for the rest of my life.

I not only enjoyed the wonderful mtb tracks but also of all the events around it. Togo Jungle Challenge was more than successful.

Also a big congratulations to all the staff who were always ready and always very friendly in all circumstances. Due to circumstances, I have not been able to end one ride on my way to golden eye, but in return I experienced a wonderful evening with the people ofcheckpoints 2 and 3, making a fantastic connection for the rest of the rides.

This organization was perfect !! Congratulations !!

2014 L.Nulens, BE For me, this trip was a physical and mental adventure that I will remember for a long time. An experience I would recommend to anyone. The GPS tracks are good to follow for me as a GPS user on the bike. The food was just amazing, every day for so many people making food, spacious enough, delicious and well-groomed. I would like to thank Gert and Elisabeth for the hard work they have put in place for the success of this trip. Also a big congratulations for the whole team that is committed to the participants, without these people it is not possible to experience something so unique, big thanks to everyone. Best of luck on the next edition of Togo Jungle challenge 2015 .

2014 P.Sarens, Grimbergen A big congratulations for the smooth ‘african’ course of this gorgeous challenge. We have experienced the black continent from very up close, something most day-to-day tourists wouldn’t dare to do. I will definitely participate in such events in future.

2014 Rik and Martine, NL We enjoyed enormously from the trip. All was arranged perfectly. Thanks again and maybe we see you again.

 2014 D.Janssen Zutendaal, BE  Thanks for the very nice trip and the nice company. Having stayed in Togo will always keep me alive. I will have an appointment with some potential participants next week for your next edition, which I will be pleased to convince to actually sign up for. In addition to the unforgettable experience, inspiring meetings with the local people and very nice stages, I also appreciate the organization. Bike delivery arrangements in Zaventem, guidance on arrival in Lomé to departure in Cotonou, bivouacing equipment, CPV bicycle repair, bicycle repair service and medical support, border visa and many other major and minorhelp, everything was organized nicely. Everyone appreciates this of course according to his / her own needs and expectations, but personally – judging by what our small group of fellow cyclists meant about it – I greatly appreciated the personal concern and involvement of the organization that everything would be smooth. Based on other experiences, where the organization was much more hands-off (often euphemism for “participants take care of themselves”), I know that the correlation price / organization is relative and that depends a lot on the personal Institution of Responsibilities. Good guidance and organization were crucial points for me and you surprised me very positively.

Participant edition 2013 TJC was and has become an unforgettable experience to me. The way we walked through this adventure is an epic episode in my life. I would like to thank you for that. You can be proud of what you have accomplished! In the future, it will definitely be that there are participants who are enthusiastic about me. You can count on that !!

W.Derksen, business manager TrendCompany Our trip through Togo and Benin has already been fourteen days ago. Usually fade memories slowly. Here, every day, I relive Africa, Black Africa, the colorful poverty, the optimism of its inhabitants, the unforgettable landscape. And above all, the course for which every MTBer comes into ecstasy. Again many thanks. And congratulations for the very smooth running organization. I had been very well prepared, super trained, etc. All in all, I was able to ride my shoulder and clavicle in umbrella position. Also many thanks for your good guidance through the medical equipe!

Van Roosbroeck Thank you for the fantastic adventure I have been able to experience because of your team. It was an adventure with the great “A”, truly Africa for a lover of the unexpected.

Geurts, Head of Business Geurts Car Center It was enjoying of fantastic moments. We want to say to everyone in Flanders: Participate in the Togo Jungle Challenge! The race provides the body with oxygen: physical and mental!

Ryheul and A. De Wispelaere Despite my short experience with TJC 2013 (only 3 days) I enjoyed it! I just found the organization AMAZING. The bike routes were phenomenally BEAUTIFUL! A great CREW who you could ask for anything! There was always enough food and drinks in both the bivouacs and all checkpoints. The tent was ready by arrival the first evening was also a great service! I did not come anything short in those three days! I would like to join you again next year!

 Sin Yin Ip I would like to thank and congratulate you for your 1st edition “Togo Jungle Challenge”. The never-decreasing effort of both of you gave me more energy every day than Energy drinks and your smile and applause at arrival gave more recup than any drink. Exceptionally beautiful mountain biking trails and sleeping places. You experience that a lot of thought is put into everything to avoid any coincidence as much as possible. I’m glad I was there and I will spread your enthusiasm through mine. I wish you good luck with the following editions and keep well. See you next time!

Smet, Business Manager CooK4U Fantastic aftertaste remains!

Kips, business manager, Ask-Architectenbureau My personal thanks to Gert and Elisabeth for this, unforgettable event for me. The 2 most intensive weeks of my life. I am an accountant, so, of course, a fairly quiet life of course.

van Gastel, bookkeeper Thank you for this wonderful MTB adventure!

Claes from Mol, Process Operator Sibelco Up and top professional! The challenge is not just a sporting challenge, but a true total experience. The result of a lot of preparations was an africa experience in all its aspects: gravel slopes, walkways, river crossings, old bridges, through tiny villages, palms, teak plantation, along (and over) a lake, over the top of Mont Kotou. The latter reminded me of Mille Collines. The 570km over 7 days, on average about 300 altimeters, is very possible. But the tropical heat up to 40C gives all this a totally different dimension. Like the mosquitoes, the wounds that gets infected immediately and the constant threat of diarrhea. Fortunately, there was the team: As relatively unknown people, we spent 7 days brilliantly. Broken chain, diarrhea, saddle stools, burned skin, setting up tents, the food and drinks needed for life, the right pace, the fallouts, … we solved everything together. Gert and Elisabeth once again thank you for your entrepreneurship and flexibility. Certainly until …

Debusschere, CEO Deceuninck After cooling down for a couple of weeks in Belgian cold, the realization of what we all experienced, is effectively realized: suffering on a bicycle by the heat, saddle stalk, beautiful nature, always friendly people, who have little but probably are much happier than us ! If they ask me how it was (and that has happened probably a hundred times), I always tell that this was the most intense holiday ever, suffered from cycling, but so enriching towards climate, people and atmosphere (TAB). I would like to thank you very much for this wonderful trip !!!

Boiserie, technician A great adventure and beautiful team.

Goormachtig, facility manager at Studio 100 Important ravel, amazing Organization! Thank you for this unforgettable experience !!

Dejongh, student Gert, Elisabeth, and the whole staff of volunteers, it was a big challenge for us participants but all the more for you. And oh, perfection does not exist and setbacks are a kind of opportunity. Very tired but very satisfied and a truck (sic) full of experience richer: THANK YOU!

Troffaes, Risk & Fraud Manager KPN Group Hundreds of kilometers there can not be compared to hundreds of kilometers here. There were rides, where we had to overcome nearly 2,000 heightmeters. There was heat (up to 45 degrees), high humidity and overnight stays in tents. That’s all eats away your reserves. But all in all it has been very good. I have seen a lot of things. I will especially remember the cultural difference. The people have little or nothing there but are so happy. The people are super friendly and the cheerfulness of the children is catchy. If you compare that to here … ”

T.Beckers, IT specialist To the organization and staff, thanks for the hard work, it was fantastic!

Callant, businessman restaurant De Kruier I would like to thank you again for this beautiful trip, it was a wonderful adventure with ups and downs for everyone I think (sickness and exhaustion) but it was an incredible experience we will talk about for years after. Keep it up with your organizations because it’s really unique.

Volders, Inspector Priceless! Thx for the devoted adventure!