Your MTB

Good material is essential to this challenge. Make sure you are familiar with your equipment and supplements before you start the Roc du Maroc.

Bring a:

  • well-prepared and well-controlled bike
  • check up tires & wheel set
  • Check the wearage parts such as the chain and gears
  • brake system control, brake pads, bearings (tailgate ball head)
  • Batteries of GPS, computers and heart rate meter

Because the slopes are often rough and rocky, use a sturdy bike that is in good condition

  • A good front suspension is recommended, especially if you want to avoid back problems.
  • From a full suspension you get the most benefit and pleasure in this field.
  • Choose tires with a real profile, good grip and sturdy side flanks. Recommended: Continental race King 2.25
  • With tubeless tires, the likelihood of leakage is much smaller, the tire is lighter, tire pressure can be lowered for lower rolling resistance and good grip in this area. (stan’s no tube)
  • Provide a customized sitting position so that you can bridge a distance of 85 km a day smoothly.
  • Do not choose light-weight; choose reliability.

What to bring:

  • A derailleur hanger (pad)
  • Spokes for special wheels (often 2 sizes per wheel)
  • Optional extra rear wheel.
  • Valves for tubeless wheels
  • Brackets (2sets)
  • Shoe plates
  • Bike lock
  • Saddlebag with internal tire, tire repair kit and pump
  • (co2 patterns can not fly on the plane)
  • Multitool, chain punch
  • Waterbidons and camel tray (together minimum 4 liters per person)
  • Light on the bicycle and spare bag lamp

IMPORTANT: Carrying a helmet is required during RocDuMaroc!