Sad news about RDM 2020

We are very sad to announce that the decision has been made to postpone RocDuMaroc 2020….

During the last 3 weeks we eagerly looked for a plan B and we worked out a complete strategy to organize a corona proof event but unfortunately all the hard work has gone for nothing…
Due to the increasing numbers of infection both in Europe and Morocco and the recent prolongation of the safety measurements in our host country, all our hope has diminished.

From now on we have no other choice than to focus 100 % on our loved ones and act responsibly towards ourselves, our participants and our dearest crew members.

Together we have one goal now: conquer this virus as soon as possible and start working on an even more spectacular edition of RocDuMaroc in 2021!

We hope to see you all next year in Morocco from 9 till 17 October!

WITHOUT facemasks
WITHOUT Covid-19

Stay safe and take care!

Elisabeth & Gert